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Premarital Agreement Attorney 60614

If you have been asked to sign a premarital agreement, are considering a premarital agreement, or have concerns about how your premarital agreement will play out in your impending divorce, it’s time to consult with an experienced premarital agreement attorney in the 60614 zip code area. Premarital agreements can pave the way for a more solid marriage and are not indicative of either spouse’s lack of confidence in the forthcoming union. 

Premarital Agreements

While premarital agreements – also called prenuptial agreements or prenups – tend to get a bad rap, they are nothing more than contracts that both spouses freely enter prior to marriage and that guide specific financial terms of divorce in the event the marriage does fail, which – in fact – some do. In order for a premarital agreement to be binding, all the following must be true:

  • The agreement is in writing and signed.
  • Neither spouse signed the contract as a result of coercion. Allowing time between signing the contract and the date of the marriage helps to lessen concerns about coercion.
  • Both parties had access to the financial information they needed to protect their own financial rights.
  • Neither party is unfairly disadvantaged by the contract.
  • Neither party will need government assistance if the agreement is implemented.
  • The terms included in the agreement are allowable by law. 
  • Both parties are represented by legal counsel.

The Terms Addressed

The kinds of terms that are generally addressed in premarital agreements include the following:

  • The division of marital assets
  • The matter of keeping separate assets separate
  • Spousal maintenance or alimony, including amount and duration
  • The inheritance rights of any children who belong to only one of the spouses

Tackling these important issues head-on prior to marriage allows couples to focus on building stronger marriages – rather than dwelling on what if.

Matters That Are Not Appropriate For Premarital Agreements

While premarital agreements handle financial terms very well, they cannot address issues related to parental responsibilities, including decision-making and parenting time. When courts make determinations related to child custody arrangements, their sole focus is on the children’s best interests at the time, which obviously cannot be known ahead of time. Further, child support is based on the state’s calculation methodology, which takes a range of factors into consideration at the time of the breakup. Child support terms that are included in a premarital agreement will only be implemented if they exceed what the state requires.  

You Need An Experienced Premarital Agreement Attorney In The 60614 Zip Code

Many couples heading into marriage have the vague sense that a premarital agreement would somehow taint their union, but this needn’t be the case. A prenuptial agreement is nothing more than a contract that guides how your marital contract would be dissolved in the event that your marriage did end in divorce. It does not, however, increase your divorce risk. The trusted premarital agreement attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW dedicate their practice to helping clients like you protect their financial rights, and we’re on your side. Don’t wait to reach out and learn more by contacting us today. 



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