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The Top 7 Ways to Refresh Your Marriage this Spring

The Top 7 Ways to Refresh your Marriage this Spring

  1. Connect with your partner: silence your cell phone, step away from your computer, turn off your television and just talk.
  2. Try something new…together: take an art class, learn to woodwork, join a team sports league or take a cooking class.
  3. Take a staycation: hop online for great same-day hotel deals and pack your overnight bag for a luxurious hotel stay with room service, spa treatments, gym time or whatever hotel amenity will leave you both happy and refreshed the next day.
  4. Say something positive to your partner, about your partner, every day for a month: while this may seem like an easy task, try it, and you will be amazed by the results.
  5. Schedule a lunch date: because dinner dates often require babysitters and include exhausted parents after a long day at work, simply schedule a lunch date instead to meet up for a quick bite and meaningful chat.
  6. Switch roles for a weekend: whatever your usual routine is, switch it up and take over your partner’s usual routine and responsibilities to get a better understanding and, hopefully, appreciation for what makes your life work.
  7. Play a board game: bring out your teamwork and competitive nature in a card game, board game or puzzle where conversation should flow easily and you can engage on more than one level.

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