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Judge Reverses Order, Restores Parental Rights for Unvaccinated Mother

Earlier this month, Cook County Judge James Shapiro made headlines by issuing a ruling in which an Illinois mother was denied visitation, also known in Illinois as parenting time, with…

Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Mental Health and Divorce

Is your spouse abusing alcohol or drugs? Is your spouse depressed?  Are you?  This past year has proven to be a challenge for many families and for those who misuse…

Domestic Violence in Divorce Court Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the “shelter-in-place” measures remain in full effect for longer periods of time it is no surprise that domestic violence reports, hotline inquiries and interventions are surging. Abusive environments seemingly…

Chicago Divorce Rate Expected to Spike Further

As couples began to emerge from quarantine in China, the divorce rate spiked at an unprecedented rate. Spending days and weeks on end in isolation with your spouse can test…

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