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Emergency court intervention on the COVID-19 for pending divorces

On March 23, 2020 WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, a Chicago divorce firm, successfully won emergency court intervention on the COVID-19 quarantine of parties in a pending divorce proceeding, exclusive possession of the marital residence and temporary possession of a minor child.

WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC continues to remain open to support our clients through this difficult time; we are providing all of our family law and matrimonial law services which includes litigation, mediation, collaborative law, guardian ad litem, child representative, financial analysis, support calculations, parentage, premarital agreements, contested and uncontested divorce.

We also offer telephone and video conferencing services to allow clients to communicate confidentially with our team. To find out more about our divorce, matrimonial or any other family law services, please contact us via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com.



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