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Top 7 Tips for Chicago Divorce

1. You can’t use the same lawyer as your spouse.
2. File for divorce in the county in Illinois that you and/or your spouse has lived in for at least 90 days.
3. The grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences and while a party can attempt to delay proceedings, a party cannot stop the divorce from happening.
4. The cost of your divorce is directly related to the complexity of your case and how long it lasts; most law firms require an initial retainer and bill for services at an hourly rate.
5. Any asset or debt incurred during the marriage will be allocated through the divorce.
6. All parents must attend a parenting education class and an allocation judgment will be entered by the Judge, including parenting time and decision-making.
7. The case will last until either an agreement is reached or a trial is concluded, wherein the Judge will enter a Judgment for Dissolution if Marriage.



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