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Marriage Misery: Reasons Your Marriage May Be Over and Divorce is Looming

Sex (or lack thereof). Physical intimacy and emotional connection with your spouse is a key component to a healthy marriage.  The avoidance of sex will divide the couple and create…

The Dreaded Summer Visitation and Holiday Parenting Time

Every divorce case is unique, every family is unique and every child has different needs and interests.  That may explain why so many parents dread the summer visitation schedule and…

Domestic Violence in Divorce Court Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the “shelter-in-place” measures remain in full effect for longer periods of time it is no surprise that domestic violence reports, hotline inquiries and interventions are surging. Abusive environments seemingly…

Chicago Divorce Rate Expected to Spike Further

As couples began to emerge from quarantine in China, the divorce rate spiked at an unprecedented rate. Spending days and weeks on end in isolation with your spouse can test…

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