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The Era of Zoom Court Proceedings: Top 7 Tips for Successful Court Appearances

Make sure to have all of the zoom court login information and necessary password prior to any scheduled zoom court appearance Settle into a private location with a neutral background…

Judge Reverses Order, Restores Parental Rights for Unvaccinated Mother

Earlier this month, Cook County Judge James Shapiro made headlines by issuing a ruling in which an Illinois mother was denied visitation, also known in Illinois as parenting time, with…

Marriage Misery: Reasons Your Marriage May Be Over and Divorce is Looming

Sex (or lack thereof). Physical intimacy and emotional connection with your spouse is a key component to a healthy marriage.  The avoidance of sex will divide the couple and create…

The Dreaded Summer Visitation and Holiday Parenting Time

Every divorce case is unique, every family is unique and every child has different needs and interests.  That may explain why so many parents dread the summer visitation schedule and…

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